At WSFS, our mission, vision and strategy are intertwined and form who we are. Our core is still the same as it was in our first year—a Community bank focused on long-term value for all our stakeholders.

We have a responsibility to serve our Community, Customers and Associates and, in so serving each of our constituents, we will deliver long-term value to all of them. Our strategy of “Engaged Associates, living our culture, making a better life for all we serve” underscores our focus on our responsibility to our Associates, who are the key to our success and in turn will deliver long-term value to our Customers, Communities and stockholders. Furthermore, the success of the Communities we serve is the foundation for the success of our Company and for delivering long-term value to our other stakeholders, effectively creating a continuous circle. This is why we believe it is critical that we lend our time, resources and efforts to strengthening our Associates and Communities.